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Xeoma 24.2.14 Crack + Torrent Full Activated

Xeoma Crack

Xeoma Crack is a remarkable video surveillance software that creates a surveillance system to monitor, analyze, and detect, video feeds for web and IP cameras. You have reliable video monitoring solutions with multiple camera views. A comprehensive video surveillance system that harnesses the power of modern technology. You have advanced and effective monitoring capabilities. It supports a number of cameras, including IP cameras and USB cameras. This utility is compatible with even specialized cameras like thermal imaging devices. You can create a tailored surveillance network that fits your specific needs. It monitors a small office space or a sprawling industrial complex. You can add multiple cameras, configure settings, and set up monitoring schedules. It is packed with intelligent motion detection capabilities. Using advanced algorithms, users detect motion in the camera’s field of view. It generally triggers various actions in response.

Xeoma Serial Number contains object recognition, facial recognition, license plate recognition, and people counting. Object recognition allows the software to distinguish between different types of objects. The sensitivity of the motion detection is finely tuned to reduce false alarms. Users are only alerted to genuine threats or significant events. This characteristic usually enhances security without overwhelming it. A powerful video analytics module that takes surveillance to the next level. You have detailed insights into what is happening in the monitored areas. It creates databases of known individuals and receives alerts when these faces are detected. You have the facility to improve security in sensitive areas. It is valuable for applications like parking management or access control. This is beneficial for retail stores or event venues to track visitor numbers.

Xeoma 2024 Crack + License Keygen (Win+Mac)

Xeoma Torrent makes it simple to find specific events or incidents. The software supports various storage options like local storage, NAS, and cloud storage services. Users have the flexibility to store, manage, and access their video data. A web interface that allows users to view live feeds and access recordings from anywhere. This remote accessibility is essential to keep an eye on your premises. You can expand your surveillance system by adding more cameras to an existing workflow. This scalability ensures that the software can grow alongside the user’s needs. It is a long-term solution for evolving security requirements. A powerful tool for various applications in security, monitoring, and beyond. You have a sophisticated video management system that integrates advanced technologies. It comes with advanced functions to deliver efficient surveillance solutions. Xeoma Cracked enables simultaneous viewing and recording of multiple video streams. 

You can enhance overall surveillance coverage and performance. Xeoma License Key sets up precise detection zones and sensitivity levels to minimize false alarms. It analyzes video streams in real-tod distinguishing between objects and entities. This process normally improves the accuracy and reliability of alerts. Its object-tracking functionality monitors the movement of specific objects across multiple camera feeds. This mode facilitates comprehensive surveillance and situational awareness. Additionally, it incorporates advanced video analytics features. The program is packed with facial recognition, license plate recognition, and crowd detection. It empowers users to extract valuable insights from surveillance footage. Facial recognition technology enables the identification and tracking of individuals of interest. It facilitates enhanced security measures and access control. The incredible algorithms analyze crowd density and movement patterns. You can ensure public safety in crowded environments. It streamlines the storage, management, and playback of recorded footage.

Xeoma License Key

Xeoma Key Features:

  • Secure encrypted connections ensure data privacy and integrity, while remote viewing capabilities empower users to stay informed and responsive to security events.
  • This functionality includes sending alerts via email or SMS, sounding alarms, or initiating recording.
  • Navigate through recorded footage efficiently, with support for fast-forwarding, rewind, and frame-by-frame playback, simplifying forensic analysis and incident investigation.
  • Xeoma Crack monitors the video surveillance system and live feeds from anywhere, anytime, with an internet connection. 
  • Includes a powerful LPR feature that can automatically recognize license plates from vehicles within camera view. 
  • Allows seamless interoperability with access control systems, alarm systems, and other security solutions.  
  • Loaded with essential features designed to enhance security, monitoring, and management capabilities.
  • Match faces against a database, providing alerts when a known face is detected.
  • Helps reduce false alarms by focusing on relevant motion events to analyze video streams in real time.
  • Xeoma Full Activated was crucial in retail environments to prevent theft or in industrial settings to monitor equipment movement.
  • You have a range of tools for video management and storage. Users can easily search through recorded footage using a timeline-based interface. 
  • Facial recognition capabilities favor identifying and tracking individuals of interest. 
  • Valuable for access control, security monitoring, and law enforcement applications.


  • Set up alerts for specific license plates or integrate the data with other systems for automated actions.
  • Helps in managing public events, ensuring safety in crowded environments, and monitoring queues or gatherings. 
  • Easily draw masks over specific regions to ensure privacy.
  • Beneficial for large-scale surveillance systems where monitoring multiple areas or angles is necessary. 
  • Xeoma Cracked was essential for users to check the cameras while away from the premises.
  • Provides advanced video analytics tools for extracting valuable insights from surveillance footage.
  • Supports multi-streaming to view and record multiple video streams simultaneously.
  • Gain deeper understanding and actionable intelligence from your video feeds.
  • The software compatibility with different camera brands and models ensures scalability.
  • Create privacy masks to block out sensitive areas within the camera’s view. 
  • Receive instant alerts via email, SMS, or push notifications on your devices.
  • Supports web cameras, thermal image devices, USB cameras, as well as IP cameras.
Xeoma License Key

What’s New in Xeoma?

  • A sophisticated modular architecture to experience professional video surveillance with the addition of AI intelligence modules.
  • Start-of-the-art video analytics support you to get significant insights as well as actionable intelligence from surveillance footage along with video feeds.
  • Xeoma Keygen works with multiple monitors by providing Multi-Client, Multi-Server connection, and Multiple-Camera feeds to view, monitor, and record numerous video streams to enhance surveillance.
  • Its automated vehicle tracking and monitoring are ideal for specific applications.
  • Built-in motion and day detection method that brings more enhancements by defining and determining certain detection zones and events.
  • Record and save video surveillance, live camera feed, and video streaming to manage, store, and playback high-quality recording with fullscreen view.

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System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8+ / macOS 10.12
  • Processor: Intel Core i5
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Free HDD Space: 100MB

How to Crack Xeoma?

  • Download Xeoma Crack from the given URL
  • Unzip the downloaded file by WinRAR
  • Click on the install button and run it
  • Copy the key and paste it
  • All done 🙂

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